How to get there

airportThe flight is not included in our package, but there are quite a few websites that will give you a selection of flights. Book early as prices go up!

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British Airways


Once in Buenos Aires, you will be able to take a cab to reach your flat – how to do this will be part of your Travel Pack (sent about a month before departure).

When should you arrive in / leave Buenos Aires?

If you can, the best time would be to arrive on Saturday in the morning or the afternoon (refer to our How to get there page for airlines etc). Try arriving not too late, as we have organised a Welcome dinner at a peña (folklore restaurant) in the evening. Most participants will leave on the Thursday. You are welcome to arrive on an earlier date or leave at a later date – just let us know when and we will arrange the accommodation for you.

For those travelling from the UK we recommend the following flights:
» Departure: London (Heathrow) – Buenos Aires (EZE Pistarini airport): British Airways BA0245 22.25 on Friday (arrives next day Saturday at 08.15am)
» Return: Buenos Aires EZE – London Heathrow: British Airways BA0244 13.20 on Thursday (arrives next day 06.35am)
» Departure: Norwegian Airlines Flight DI7505 from London Gatwick to Buenos Aires Ezeiza, Friday 22.30, arrives Saturday 08.10
» Return: Norwegian Airlines Flight DI7506 from Buenos Aires Ezeiza to London Gatwick, Thursday 11.00, arrives Friday morning
(Select ‘LowFare+’ to get food and a checked baggage)