Explore Tigre

in the Delta

Your package includes a full day out of the capital to the Delta and Tigre, to get a bit of rest from busy Buenos Aires. Tigre River Delta offers an idylic playground for everything from hiking to relaxing, fishing and swimming.

Comprised of hundreds of tiny islands, the Tigre is about 20 miles northeast of Buenos Aires and is reachable from the city by train, then by boat. Latte-colored waters – rich with iron from the jungle streams flowing from inland South America – and Tigre’s peaceful waterways, are the main attraction here: the delta itself (formed where five rivers come together) and its trails exploring the tiny islands, together with the stunning stilt houses and colonial mansions, offer a respite and beautiful day out of the busy Argentinian capital. All along the shorelines are signs of water-related activity, from kayaking to wakeboarding, canoeing to sculling.

You will also find a Naval Museum, restaurants, playgrounds and more.

Source: Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet