Our line up

of teachers

Our tango instructors are acclaimed for their dancing personality, outstanding performing skills and teaching style.

Cristina Sosa & Daniel Nacucchio
Tango World Champions 2008

They are the first dancers in history to cumulate the most important Tango awards:

• World Tango Championship
• Metropolitan Tango Championship (Tango & Milonga)
• Japan Open

Cristina & Daniel began working together in 2007, by performing in the “Complejo Tango” show. In 2008, they were crowned Metropolitan Champions and World Champions.
When he was 16, Daniel started working with notable proponents of the Villa Urquiza style. At 18, Cristina discovered a passion for tango.

Together, they have developed a very pedagogical way of teaching and they are renowned for their generosity as teachers.

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Lorena Ermocida & Pancho Martinez
Championship judges

Lorena and Pancho both have long and fruitful tango performing careers.

Lorena has worked in documentaries and films, including Evita and has toured the world for many years. She won the Massine Positano Prize for her contributions to tango and is regularly invited as a judge at the World Tango Championships.

Pancho has rarely left the stage for very long: Red Ink, Café Tortoni, La Cumparsita, Taste of Tango, Friends of Tango and more. His tango masters were Héctor Falcón Tango and Susana Rojo, Juan Carlos Copes, Celia Blanco, Raul Bravo, Mingo Pugliese, Osvaldo Zotto, Rodolfo and Maria Cieri, Rodolfo Dinzel, Flask.

As teachers, they focus on making movements look and feel natural.

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Lorena Gonzalez (Tango world champion 2014) & Gaston Camejo

Lorena and Gaston have been dancing together since 2015.

Lorena took her first tango steps with her grandfather, inheriting his passion. Following her childhool dream, she began to dance in 2006. One year later, her dedication and talent lead her to her first professional steps. In 2014, she was crowned Tango World Champion with her then dance partner.

Gaston picked up tango in Uruguay when he was 17 and after meeting Lorena, decided to move to Buenos Aires and dedicate himself fully to his passion, and his love.

Together, they constantly strive to accomplish a tango that does not just refer to its technical side, but that conveys artistic achievement beyond the movement.

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Jimena Hoeffner & Fernando Carrasco
Triple Metropolitan Champions 2013

How many awards and championships can one couple win?

In 2013, Jimena and Fernando were the first couple ever to be crowned triple Metropolitan champions in tango, milonga and vals. A few months later, they became sub champions of the world tango competition. In 2015, they won the “Pelando variación” championship, the only one focusing on variations.

They are now touring the world, giving workshops and dazzling audiences with their stunning performances.

Jimena and Fernando are recognised around the world for their musicality, their creativity and their elegance. Both treasure the fundamental feeling of tango.

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Note: our programme can be slightly amended following the maestro availability.