Testimonials from a few of our lovely Buenos Aires participants:

I went to trips organised by Bruno 3 times now, twice to Buenos Aires (“BA”) and once to Japan, and am looking forward to going to BA again!

Bruno is a wonderful organiser – considerate, helpful, knowledgeable when it comes to best BA maestros and maestras, milongas and in general getting around town – let alone the fact that he speaks English, French, Spanish and Japanese fluently. He is the group’s mother and father in one!

– The trip itself consists of organised group lessons with tango champions (exclusive to Bruno’s group, no outsiders) in a dance school in central part of BA, near to the hotel, also booked by Bruno, very high standard with maid service etc. We could then book private lessons with maestros or have our own free time, or visit a nearby tango school. The milongas were amazing and we danced on live music quite a few times! The trip is a healthy mixture of group activities (trip to Tigre Delta, organised group lessons, welcome lunch, visits of Buenos Aires neighbourhoods, concerts, shows, shopping) and freedom to explore the city on your own. Nothing is a must, but, like tango – an offer and an invitation.

Finally, Bruno’s groups gel quite easily, people find new friendships and tango partners. Thank you, Bruno! I am sure to keep coming to BA with your trips – much more fun than on your own!

Asta M.

I thought the organisation of the two weeks was very efficient.  The Maestros were excellent and the freedom to come and go important. The accommodation area was fabulous, and accommodation itself of high standard – very clean, warm, central and really good. Bruno was a great host and knew a lot of people and where to go – which was important.  I would not hesitate in recommending his school Tanguito and Bruno.

Diane Porrit

This trip in Buenos Aires was a great group experience, and a fantastic push in my tango journey. Bruno did set up a very good set of workshops with world known teachers, but also helped us getting local lessons with incredible teachers.

We always had options in our trip, regarding milongas and events, but were pretty free to experiment on our own. Bruno’s recommendations were really great, as he looked for places which would be quite friendly and fun for our group. Thanks to this trip I’ve been able to dance on live music played by legendary orchestras.

I’ve been transformed by this trip, and can’t wait to return there again!

Ronan Roquais

The Buenos Aires trip was tango heaven and exceeded my expectations.

The trip was very well organised by Bruno our Spanish speaking leader; and lots of fun was had with all our group having a common interest in tango. There was loads of advice on what to do and how to do it, including must see places of interest, shows, where to shop for tango shoes, clothes, etc.  There was a plan for every day, starting with daily tango lessons just for our group, taught by the most amazing tango teachers.  Plus we had the option of additional public classes, afternoon and evening milongas, time for sightseeing and were never short of things to do.

Going in August meant we attended the world tango championships that were in progress, and we got to see the finals; special tango shows and festivals, nightly milonga sessions……. all added to the total tango immersion, just brilliant, loved it all and learnt loads!!!

The accommodation was lovely and in a good location, which felt really safe.

I would definitely recommend this tango holiday!!!

Breda Kelly

The Buenos Aires trip I went on was extremely well-organised and fun … There was a very mixed group of people of all ages, walks of life and tango levels, and it was easy to meet kindred spirits to hang out with.

Every early afternoon, there were lessons (allowing one a leisurely start to the day), and the teachers were all excellent – most being ex-world tango champions! In the evenings there were outings to milongas across Buenos Aires.  Most activities were flexxible, so one could do what one felt like or up to … The accommodation was excellent, quiet, immaculate and comfortable, close to the tube. If you like tango I’d recommend this trip. Unlike other group holidays you are not on the move, being whizzed from site to site, and there are opportunities to relax and get a taste of BA life, food and culture. I loved it.

Adam Pozner

I have gone to the Buenos Aires tango trip with Bruno twice. There certainly were trips of a lifetime – not only because Buenos Aires is Tango Central but also because of the way it was organised – all thanks to Bruno’s unique knowledge of the city but also because he knows everything there is to know about tango, maestros and places.  The apartment where we stayed was right in the centre, close to everywhere (even within a walking distance to all workshops AND next door to the best tango shoe shop in the world!).

The workshops themselves were excellent – we had a few past world champions teaching.  The group quickly got to know each other so nobody felt left on their own (that’s why this trip is particularly great for solo dancers – even if you don’t know anybody else, you won’t be left to your own devices).  Bruno was always at hand with any information required.  He was able to help book private lessons with maestros.

Every night, a group outing to a milonga was organised.  You don’t have to stay with the group but if you do, then there was always something on the agenda.  There were also sightseeing opportunities (la Bocca, Tigre, Recoletta) – however, most of time revolves around tango, which was the reason I went.

Highly recommended, if you are a keen tango dancer or if it’s your first time in Buenos Aires!

Kasia Noctor, went to Buenos Aires with us twice

The trip with Bruno to Buenos Aires was life changing! We enjoyed the magic of Argentinian milongas and got inspired from amazing tango teachers. Both experiences improved my dancing and I got to bring a bit of Argentina home with me when I dance. We enjoyed the beautiful city and Bruno was an amazing, caring, and knowledgeable host. His approach made it such a fun trip filled with new, eye-opening experiences. He took care of every small detail and all I had to do was experience the city and not worry. I highly-highly-highly recommend doing this trip with Bruno! It was the best experience I could imagine! Dana.

Dana Segev, Aug. 2023
Bruno, thank you so much for organising a truly fabulous trip to Buenos Aires. It was so well planned! Great daily workshops with a range of tango professionals well timed to allow opportunities for rest and sleep. Wonderful excursions, plenty of useful information and guidance, and great Milongas too! A thoroughly enjoyable experience. I can’t recommend this trip highly enough! Bruno you are so well organised and such great company!
Thank you! Sue
Sue Rowe joined in Aug. 2023

I live in Edinburgh, it was my first trip with Bruno. I hadn’t met the Tanguito crowd before the trip, but I felt welcomed by the group from the first day. An excellent programme designed by Bruno with an impressive variety of teachers and milongas. Also a milonga in the British Embassy was a great surprise and pleasure to attend. A relaxing day at Tigre, excellent Argentinian food and wine … We made new friends in Buenos Aires and we would be happy to return soon … though the spring trip to Japan (Japango) might come first!

Maciej Gutowski joined in Aug. 2023