What a fantastic two weeks – so many thanks to Bruno for sharing his knowledge and love of Japan, and his patience with us all, for guiding us so expertly through Tokyo and Kyoto etc. We had a really wonderful time, perfectly planned and executed – with so many highlights. And thanks to the group for the openness, warmth and friendship – a real pleasure. And not forgetting the Tango – very useful workshops, and the Milongas were great fun. We hope we can meet up again for the next adventure. And if you are in Basel, do get in touch! Ja ne, Chris and Petra

Chris and Petra, Switzerland (2023)

My turn to send a note! Thank you to Bruno for such a wonderfully organised holiday – I know we saw parts of Japan we wouldn’t have been able to experience and in a way that was augmented by Bruno’s love of the country and customs: it was great to see it with someone who really knows and understands the country and people. Your enthusiasm for Japan is infectious. Thank you to all the group for making it such an enjoyable experience and enjoyable trip – I will miss you all! 🤗. Cate.

Cate P, UK (2023)

Japango was amazing! Fab organisation, Bruno! Kudos for patience and good mood. Thanks for all the participants for their wonderful energy. I will carry you all and this trip in my heart forever 🤗💕

Asta M, Lithuania (2023)

What a fabulous time – Bruno conjured up a superb programme, well-located hotels and a memorable experience, and to make sure we all arrived safely. Look forward to seeing everyone again somewhere and – for the non-UK participants in particular, do let us know if you’re visiting us!

Andy S, UK (2023)

Bruno, as you know, l have been planning to visit Japan since before “lockdown.” This trip proved the perfect opportunity, with a mixture of sights & tango. The organisation was excellent & ran like clockwork. Added to this was the community spirit of the group. There was always someone around to help. I was unable to personally say goodbye to everyone as l was off to Sapporo early Friday morning.  I enjoyed your company and the many stories we were able to share. Mata ne (sayonara)!

George C, Australia (2023)

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Bruno, for a fun and successful tango and Japan experience trip. It was such a condensed, well-planned trip in Japan: I am sure everybody felt they were a part of the culture of Japan. Bruno’s love for Japan came through to my heart, I missed so much and for so long, being born in Japan but having lived here in the UK all these years. Japan has changed so much since I lived here, Bruno’s knowledge of Japan is astonishing and updated.

I could not share the experience with you in the last day due to my family commitment but while being with the group, I enjoyed everybody’s company. I am sure we will see you again somewhere in the world, after establishing a strong tango connection with this trip. Congratulations, and a big thank you and big hugs (here deep bow ) from Mitsuko xxx

Mitsuko H, Japan (2023)

Thank you, Bruno and the team, for the memorable experiences, I had fun meeting everyone.  This trip confirmed that I belong to a very special community.  I felt the warmth the entire time.  Have a safe trip back home, and hope to run into some of you on a dance floor.

Kay C, Canada (2023)

Thank you, Bruno, for such an interesting Japan Trip. The programme was so lively and colourful and superbly chosen. Japan and Tango: a wonderful combination and you do it in a wonderful, easy way. It was a great time with you all in Japan, very lovely people. I embrace you all.

Suzanne C, Canada (2023)

Thank you for unforgettable 2 weeks in Japan. The group and the content were amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to discover and enjoy Japan with all its beauty and magic in the company of such a lovely group. If someone is travelling to the Netherlands one day, we are happy to see you again! Laimis and Simona.

Laimonas and Simona, Netherlands (2023)

I can only second all the above comments. I have enjoyed every minute. The organisation was perfect, wonderful sightseeing, fantastic milongas and discovering Japan with an insider (almost) made a whole difference. And it is one of the friendliest group of people as well. Thank you, Bruno, for a truly amazing experience, and for looking after us. Cheers to old and new friends.

Marion B, France (2023)

Fantastic itinerary and hotels, good balance of milongas and sightseeing, really Bruno, I think organising us is your true vocation! You provided so much help and info. The experience of Hakone topped the trip off with the best of Japan. And a lovely group too – thanks to All for the fun and friendship!

Sheila B, UK (2023)

Dear Bruno, many thanks for taking non-dancers on board of your dancing vessel. I really enjoyed the trip and the organisation was more than perfect. Thank you for doing the magic and even showing us His/Her Majesty Mt.Fuji :). It’s always a completely different experience when you travel with someone who knows the country or speaks the language, and you have shared so much with us these days.

I agree with those above who mentioned they wouldn’t mind another week in Japan 😃 it’s a beautiful, beautiful country with exceptional history and culture! Thank you for sharing your love for Japan with us.

Anna F, Lithuania (2023)

I have wanted to go to Japan all of my adult life, and I could not have chosen a better way to see some of it for the first time. Superb organisation, communication and decision making at every point. Congratulations for the success of the trip, and sincerest thanks for the unforgettable experience. 🤗🤗🤗

Gary B, New Zealand (2023)

I’ve had a real taste of Japan ancient and modern, seen so much and met some lovely people.  Thank you all for keeping your eyes on me as sometimes the fog of insomnia was too thick!
I agree with all statements above! I couldn’t choose the better way to travel in Japan than with Bruno and his expertise. I was lucky to come to his tango class and signed up for the trip the same day as I trusted that would be the best way to travel with people most of whom have connection with dancing, tango and Bruno. I loved all our trips; it seems time flew so quickly. I think we have seen the best of Japan and have more understanding about Japanese people and culture thanks to Bruno! 🤗😍👏🏼👏🏼

Judith C, UK (2023)

What an amazing experience!!!! I think we are so fortunate to have been part of this group trip. Thank you, Bruno and friends, for your hard work organising us all and our wonderful adventures here in Japan and thank you everyone for your delightful company. 🥰This was a trip of a lifetime. 😍😍

Helen M, UK (2023)

Daniela: I enjoyed every minute of the trip (even when my feet didn’t 😉). Bruno it was very nice to see Japan through your eyes and feel the love you have for this country. I now know why. You’re also kind and funny. Thank you for a truly unforgettable holiday. Thank you also to all the group, it was very nice meeting you all. 🤗

Massimo: dear Bruno & Team, Japan has been on our list and the choice of joining Japango proved to be the perfect one. We couldn’t have covered but a fraction of what we’ve seen without your expert and caring organisation. Quite frankly I am a bit sad it’s over, I could have carried on for another week! I will pass few other comments and suggestions in due course but for now… grazie, grazie, grazie di cuore to you and to the rest of the group which made it do much fun.

Daniela and Massimo, Italy (2023)

I could not have said better! It was a great pleasure meeting you all, have danced with some, have dinners with some, have chatted with some, walked along with some… Truly Lovely. Wishing you all safe journey home sweet home… Might see you at some point at milongas. Stay safe and happy!

Lucy D, Ukraine (2023)

Dear Bruno, I fully affiliate with the statements above: an impeccable organisation, perfect choice of activities, an honest interest in each one of us, a vast knowledge of the people and the country which you generously shared with us, and all of that paired with your love for this amazing country as well as your esprit and kindness as a person make you a truly unique travel guide. On top of that you are a gifted tango teacher and dancer… Well, we as a group couldn’t be more fortunate. So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving us this absolutely unforgettable experience. You have a place in my heart now forever, dear friends!

Josephine C, Switzerland (2023)