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When things in tango get speedier, some seem to find it hard to keep their cool. It is true that accelerating gracefully in tango is challenging: it requires specific tools to achieve that objective. In W2 workshop, the maestros will give us their secrets: how can they be THAT quick, yet never seem to lose their elegance and control? This is the first time they will delve into these secrets, so don’t miss the opportunity to be on top of your game!

About the maestros: intercontinental champions Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina are renown all over the world for their precision and delicate (yet highly inspirational) tango salon style, they will enrich your dance and make it encuentro ready (or if it already is, take it to the next level of sophistication).

W2: Speed and Precision intensive, from movement to communication, reading the music structure and more.

Note: the Encuentro workshops are not appropriate for complete and recent beginners.

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