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To start the Encuentro on the right foot (or the other), join the first workshop given by the very best tango has to offer: the intercontinental champions Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina. Renowned all over the world for their precision and delicate (yet highly inspirational) tango salon style, they will enrich your dance and make it encuentro ready (or if it already is, take it to the next level of sophistication).

W1: Tango styling masterclass, elegance and finesse in movement and embrace.

Delve into the true secrets of what makes Juan Martin and Stefania the most elegant and connected dancers of this generation. From connection, to posture, elegance of movement and timing, and communication – learn and dance like a maestro/a!

Note: the Encuentro workshops are not appropriate for complete and recent beginners.

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Other workshops:
W2 Speed & Precision intensive
W3 Musicality masterclass
W4 Giro Contragiro masterclass