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It is believed that the mighty Giro is tango’s true gem: incredibly versatile, used in a million different ways, and at the same time the tool to really connect with one’s partner.

Contrary to other tango movements, it allows a lot of freedom in its execution, from energic giros in ‘variaciones’, to complex and inspiring enrosques, lapiz, follower decorating, sudden changes of speed and direction, and so much more. Have you ever seen Juan Martin and Stefania’s insane giros and thought, ‘I wish I could do that’?

Juan Martin and Stefania will focus on in depth and advance technique (not your usual forward-back-side-back training), decorating in giros, transmission of energy, and more generally, how to revive the giro/contragiro into a powerhouse of creativity and connectivity. Prepare to be challenged!

About the maestros: intercontinental champions Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina are renown all over the world for their precision and delicate (yet highly inspirational) tango salon style, they will enrich your dance and make it encuentro ready (or if it already is, take it to the next level of sophistication).

W4 Giro Contragiro masterclass

Note: the Encuentro workshops are not appropriate for complete and recent beginners.

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