Buenos Aires Tango Festival & Championship

Tango BA Festival y MundialThe Festival y Mundial de Baile is without doubt the most extraordinary and famous event in Buenos Aires. It is also the most established tango event worldwide. It brings competing couples from all around the globe in two categories: Tango Salon and Tango Escenario (stage tango).


Buenos Aires Tango Festival in figures and photos

Last year, over half a million people participated and attended the two-week celebration of a music and culture that is regarded as a hallmark of Buenos Aires around the world.

The Festival brought the best of tango all around Buenos Aires: more than 100 tango events, amongst which countless tango concerts, with music both traditional from the Golden Age, and modern – from current orchestras, to ‘nuevo’ and electro-tango. free masterclasses or more. Many Milongas open to the public. Conferences and great tango shows. And of course lots of tango shoes and clothes to try on. You can attend all activities organised as part of the Festival, the only difficult part being… choosing what to do and see!