JaPango: Japan and Tango holidays!


For the fourth year, we organise Tango holidays in the most extraordinary of places: a place where we lived in for nearly a decade and that stayed very close to our heart – the land of the rising sun. So come along and join ‘JaPango’. Not only will you dance in one of the most exciting tango places in the world, you will also experience Japan’s beauty and amazing variety, its cities, culture, and nature. Your journey will take you from Tokyo, the current capital of old and new, to the ancient capital of the South, Kyoto.

On the way, we will visit some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, marvel at the Mount Fuji, soak into Japan’s famous Onsen (hot springs), live the Japanese way in Minshiku (old inns), taste its cuisine – one of the finest in the world, witness a traditional festival, and much, much more. We selected October for its mild and pleasant climate in Honshu, as well as its spectacular Koyo – the red leaves season during which Japan’s nature seem to explode in a multitude of colours.

And to keep you dancing all the way, we have organised lots of tango (four workshops and some fabulous milongas at night).

So if you love tango and you also always wanted to visit Japan, discover its culture and the delicate mix of modernity and tradition: this is a unique chance. Join us, registrations are now open. We hope you can join us – this might be one of the most memorable trips you have done in years! TRIP OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF DANCING and solo travellers / couples.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN by organiser: English, Japanese, Spanish, French.

IMPORTANT: WE ALSO HAVE A PACKAGE FOR NON DANCERS – please contact us for more information.

Sincerely yours,
Bruno, Tanguito


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We will delicately balance dancing tango and visiting the country. JaPango starts on Sunday the 13th of October 2019 (most leaving UK/Europe the previous day) and ends on Friday 25th of October (flight back to the UK or Europe the same day).

Tango classes and milongas: although we might attend milongas in Kyoto, most of our Japanese tango will be in Tokyo. We have teamed up with our friends the world tango champions to organise an intensive programme consisting of workshops in reknown schools in the Japanese capital, as well as touring the milongas. There will be 4 group classes included in the holidays.

For more information about dancing tango in Japan, take a look at the page: Tango-ing in Japan

Visiting Japan: overview of our tour
(click here to see photos of the places we will be visiting)
1. Visits of Tokyo:
» Visit of Tokyo’s main boroughs: Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando, Ginza and Shinjuku
» Discover Tokyo temples: Harajuku (Meiji Jingumae) and Asakusa
» Trip on the river, and visit of a Japanese garden: Rikugoen
» Evening at Odaiba (Tokyo bay)

2. Visit outside of Tokyo:
We will travel by JR (Japan Railways) and by Shinkansen (high speed bullet train operating at 320 km/h – 200mph) and visit:
» Kamakura, the ancient and beautiful capital of Japan
» Nikko (UNESCO World Heritage Centre) and its magnificent temple in the 1000-year old ceddar forest
» Yokohama, the ultra-futuristic city neighbouring Tokyo.

3. Going further afield: visit of
» Mount Fuji and the 5 lake area: Kawaguchiko and Hakone
» Going back in time by a thousand years to Kyoto, the ancient capital
» Marvelling at Kamakura and its Daibutsu: the Great Buddha, the largest of its kind in Japan
» Discovering the beauty of Japan’s castles, in Himeji

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About your host Bruno
I have lived 8 years in Tokyo and travelled extensively in Japan so it is like a second home to me – you will feel safe and benefit from this amazing country. I prepared the tour with the best Japan had to offer, from tradition to modernity, from culture to nature, from huge cities to remote places. One thing for sure: you will love your JaPango trip.



Check the Costs and dates page for the package details and what is included, as well as Getting prepared to know what to expect in terms of weather, and so on. Once you have decided you wish to join us (or if you have any question), simply fill in the form below to get in touch.

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